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The Bachelorette Episode 4: Mr. America, Man Freak Outs/Man Tears, & Jan & Manny

TONIGHT: Atlantic City, PLANES, “I’m on cloud 9”, Hurricanes :(, SHIRTLESS MEN!!! … Bryden hates Ben.


  • God, this opening music is so cheesy. Acoustic guitar strumming DERP
  • Chris Harrison’s shirt matches the walls… WHY IS EVERYTHING ELECTRIC BLUE? The candles on the table too!
  • “Nice chance to get to know Des on a totally different level” -Ben … the Atlantic City level?
  • Zak W jumps on a bed in the Atlantic City house and is annoying as usual. (Sorry I’m not sorry for being a hater)
  • Brad Who? gets a one on one date. Ohhh yeah he’s a dad just like Ben.
  • CHOCOLATE! nom nom nom let’s shove it in each other’s faces.
  • Why is everyone hating on Brad so much? This manly competition is a little too soap opera for me.
  • Commercial
  • Sand Castle Seat time! BALLER… I would just want to destroy it, hahaha


  • Group date for a bunch of bros coming up!
  • Awww this conversation on this dinner date is a little awkward with Brad :/
  • UH OH… Brad isn’t getting a rose.
  • Bye bye Brad Who?
  • Brad walks down the spiral staircases forever… and ever…
  • & Des is still at the top of the light house, hahaha!
  • Commercial
  • Zak W jumps in for the first hug, he’s weird, go home.
  • OMG Brooks just compared Des to a mystical unicorn, yes, I love him.
  • Miss America? … which means Mr. America pageant is happening!
  • Michael G dreamed of becoming Mr. America as a kid, I’m dead, so hilarious.


  • The guys need to go to the prop table and find their talent… Juan Pablo can do the baton?! HAHAHA
  • Zak W has no talent, but grabbed the guitar?
  • Chris is in heels!


  • Ben tries to jump through the ribbon he is spinning.
  • Drew is practicing Shakespeare!
  • OOH bathing suit part of the competition, I see a few speedos in there!


  • OH MY… ย the pageant is in front of a live audience, of course bros!
  • Commercial
  • Was that someone putting lotion on Mikey?!
  • Luscious Locks Brooks is nervous, awwww!
  • Starting with the interview portion!
  • Kasey goes up first!
  • Brooks would be a lion in the wild, he has the mane part down.
  • Aw Chris, the more we see him, the more I like him!
  • Juan Pablo is never taken seriously.
  • “I’m tired of being a piece of meat, I want to get across that I am sensitive” – Mikey


  • #Kasey is a tapping machine


  • Mikey said he wasn’t a piece of meat but now he is doing hand stand push ups?


  • OMG Brooks, what?!
  • BEN, What?! Ribbon dancer with an O face? …OH NO.


  • Bryden is pelvic thrusting… I guess that is a talent?
  • Zak W actually can sort of sing and play the guitar, plus one point for him.


  • Now Mikey is flexing his chest muscles, really you aren’t a piece of meat? Hahahaha


  • Oh Brooks, I love you so much.


  • Who knew Drew was so ripped?!


  • Love the swimsuit portion of the competition!


  • Now for the winners: 3rd place- Brooks (princess wave!), 2nd place- Zak W 1st place- Kasey!!!
  • AWWWW I loved this little competition


  • Commercial
  • Chris is opening up to Des about writing poetry & reads it to her… (the sound is so awful)
  • Now Bryden is going on a hate rampage about Ben.
  • OHHH Ben sits right in front of the other dudes with Des for one on one time.


  • HA! That shot of Ben sitting all alone, the producers had to of asked for that, right?!
  • James is back at the house in a robe drinking wine alone! HAHAHA, Love it!
  • Uh oh Zak W wants to finish the song from the competition he wasn’t able to finish, a little awkward, she doesn’t look very into it :/
  • Zak W really REALLY really wants the rose.
  • Bryden didn’t get any time?! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Zak W actually did get the rose, I really don’t think he’ll stick around much longer though.
  • Commercial
  • James gets his one on one date now… WHAT IS ZAK W WEARING? go home.
  • James & Des are going to see what Hurricane Sandy did to the Jersey Shore.
  • How sad!
  • The windows are all fogged in the helicopter, how can they see out? Oh now we see someone rubbing it clean, hahaa
  • Woah, the boardwalk is gone & the roller coaster in the water ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Commercial
  • They are meeting a couple who are in the process of rebuilding… here we go generic Bachelor sad music.
  • Aw the couple spent their anniversary in the Red Cross Shelter during the hurricane!
  • Des & James give the couple their fancy date ABC had planned for the show… I’m sure this was planned, but it’s really nice!
  • Commercial
  • It would be funny if the camera crew only followed the Jersey couple and not Des & James, hahaha!
  • It’s almost awkward they sent a camera crew with them! Let them be!
  • Des and James seem really into each other… uh oh James is confessing something, dun dun dun
  • HE CHEATED ON HIS EX… his freshman year in college (I mean, come on)
  • It’s still cheating, but so many changes happen in that transition period and he was sorry about it, “It broke his heart” … He wouldn’t have admitted it if he wasn’t making a point that he’s changed.
  • Commercial
  • “Why isn’t The Situation on this show? He’s from the Jersey Shore” -my Dad
  • OMG their old photos!
  • Des and James come back to meet up with Manny & Jan
  • Manny & Jan get a private concert!
  • Screw the rest of this season, lets just follow Manny & Jan & give them all the dates/trips planned.
  • Manny’s got some hip swinging moves ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • … What is James didn’t get a rose, HAHAHA
  • Don’t worry, he got a rose
  • and SURPRISE! James and Des still get to enjoy the concert
  • This date was definitely a huge step forward for their relationship
  • I can’t wait to see Bryden’s freak out!
  • Commercial
  • Bryden is having some issues with his feelings, dun dun dun.
  • I don’t blame him, he didn’t even get to talk to her at the group date!
  • Michael G is getting some one on one time during the cocktail party
  • … What is this, he is telling her why he likes her to her spelling of her name and his last name initial
  • OH NO, that kiss was awkward.
  • Bryden is having a quarter show crisis!
  • Chris and Des talking about friends, uh oh… nope not in the friend zone. That was a cute moment! But seriously Des, figure out what you’re saying because I was thinking the same thing as Chris!


  • Bryden is losing his romantic feelings?! What is going on?
  • So glad he pushed his hair to the side
  • Okay… seems like he is staying?
  • Commercial
  • What is that spinning rose outside?! COOL
  • 1 bro going home tonight
  • The guy I can’t remember his name is my prediction for going home
  • Hopefully she gives Bryden the first rose.
  • Oh Chris is okay too, he’s great.
  • Why is she keeping Bryden for the end? This is dumb and dramatic.
  • Bryden… long pause- BUT HE STILL ACCEPTS THE ROSE.
  • Mikey better be staying he is great, & I can’t remember the other dudes name.
  • DUH!
  • THE OTHER ZACK, HOW DID I FORGET HIS NAME. Because both Za(c)k’s should have gone home!
  • Bryden is being moody and weird still, what are those glances?!
  • OMG ZACK IS CRYING TOO! Two cryers this episode
  • They are heading to Munich, Germany!!!
  • PREVIEWS: SNOW! Chris & Brooks taking the friggen lead. Now no one likes James or Ben?! WHAT!!?? Des crying? Michael G in a limo? going home? upset? WHAAAAT?
  • “Today is Armageddon” ย YES

PS- the credits are really great this season:




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The Bachelorette Episode 3: Flying Balls, Broken Bones, Girlfriends, & Cowboys

BRO DRAMA is my favorite.

  • MANsion filled with dudes in v-necks
  • GROUP DATE “some stud named Mikey” -Mikey, hahaha
  • I don’t think Des’s hot pink shirt is bright enough
  • Dodgeball, I’m glad I’m not playing.
  • Oh my gosh, scary, did you see that guy smash a ball against the wall? *slight sarcasm, slight seriousness*
  • Luscious Locks Brooks has a ponytail…. YESSS
  • Oooh a winner takes all VERY PUBLIC match, shits gettin’ real
  • OMG they are at The Americana! What?!
  • Commercial
  • Yikes
  • How did we end up with two skinny dudes? Drew vs Chris
  • Of course they are even now, each team 1 point.
  • “MAN DOWN”
  • Brooks finger is broken? and bleeding… OUCH
  • Down to one on one!
  • Blue team wins!
  • Commercial
  • OMG Brooks passed out when he finger was realigned?! and now he is going to the ER?! Aw ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Brad who?
  • … He wants to open up to Des about something serious.
  • HE HAS A 3 YEAR OLD SON! They made that seem like he used to be a druggie or something.
  • Oh wait, he does have a tricky past.
  • DATE CARD back at the MANsion
  • #Kasey gets the date!
  • “You know I would absolutely love the rose” -OC Bro Brandon, LAWL
  • Chris found an awesome rooftop spot, AW ADORBS
  • Poor Brooks is still in his dodgeball outfit!!!
  • Chris gets the rose! HOLLA
  • He gets some extra alone time & a private concert? Oh okay… and the other guys have to sit and listen.
  • UH OH OC Bro Brandon sees them dancing and kissing
  • The kisses seems to be coming faster this season then they did in The Bachelor.
  • Wouldn’t it be weird to be a singer and be performing for just two people who are making out?
  • Commercial
  • “I love this entire group of guys” – Des
  • Her phone is ringing… what’s going on?
  • “I have some bizarre news about one of your guys” -Chris Harrison
  • “What a BLEEEEEP” -Des, HAHA
  • Pink shirt Bryan… it’s time to talk
  • OMG the guys’ faces when the girlfriend walked in
  • “Oh geez!” -Bryan
  • Commercial
  • Girlfriend is pissed off!
  • He hasn’t had a chance to talk yet…
  • Ahhh he slept with his girlfriend two days before he left for the show!
  • Commercial
  • This girl is really pissed off but she needs to stop talking for a minute.
  • “What am I supposed to tell my son?” -Girlfriend AHHHH HAHA
  • OMG the guys bedroom is so messy
  • “WHOA! That room is worse then Paulina’s room!” -My Dad
  • … I kind of wanted to hear Bryan’s side of the story, but I still would have sent him home.
  • Finally time for #Kasey’s date
  • OC Bro Brandon is SOOO EMOTIONAL & SO CRAY
  • His story is sad, but maybe he should get some therapy.
  • Commercial
  • Zak W’s crazy eyes are crazy.
  • Dancing on the side of a building? COOL
  • Vadalooping? is that what its called?
  • HAHAHA a little awkward
  • WHOA check out that wind!
  • oh no, the rose is gonna blow away!
  • Omg, why wasn’t the pool heated?!
  • Such an awkward date!
  • The rose didn’t blow away, so he gets the rose!
  • The guys should just put the roses behind their ears instead of on their shirts.
  • Commercial
  • Wild West group date!
  • OOH the stunt team for The Loan Ranger
  • Oh look we get to watch clips from The Loan Ranger, nice work ABC/Disney, promoting your own movie!
  • Des has a surprise for them… Horsies!
  • “Saddle up and save the lady”
  • “We got a date with the sunset” -Bryden HAHA I love this
  • HAHAHA Dan’s pants split!
  • Juan Pablo is the best cowboy!
  • Juan Pablo’s english is hilarious, they make it seem like he can barely speak, but he just talked fine in confessional!
  • “It’s the best date I’ve had in forever” -Des… you mean since yesterday when you said that
  • Commercial
  • Drankin out of mason jars!
  • “When we kiss it’s… AWESOME” -Bryden, he’s so cute
  • Zak W. is SO AWKWARD, GO HOME, crazy eyes.
  • He made an attempt to kiss her? Swhaaa?
  • Lovedrunk? or just drunk?
  • All these little dates are so cute!
  • James’s dad is ill back at home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ aw!
  • He’s gonna get the rose…
  • “Will you accept my daisy?” HAHA so cute!
  • Oh I think he just went in for a kiss and got a cheek, woops!
  • Oh its okay though because he got a real kiss too
  • Commercial
  • Chris Harrison with a slight changed of plans: no cocktail party!
  • But we get a daytime pool party instead!
  • OMG Brooks dance, HAHA
  • WOAH FILF Ben takes Des for a mini one on one date, a 15 minute car ride.
  • But seriously, why is Ben wearing that weird tank top?
  • The other dudes still hate Ben… but I’m not so sure that I see it as him cheating?
  • Ben’s little secret has turned into a LIE. MIKEY DON’T LIKE LIES!
  • “I can’t unscramble that egg” -Michael G, the diabetic
  • Emotional Bro Brandon, is seriously talking to Des
  • Uh oh, is he gonna cry again?
  • “I’m never going to hurt you”
  • Sausage fest in the hot tub… they are still in it when Des gets out.
  • Commercial
  • Fancy blue dress! Kinda awkward though.
  • Zak W got a rose :/ Crazy eyes is still in it.
  • She’s obviously keeping Hot Dad Ben… why do they make her keep him until last?
  • OC Bro Brandon and Split Pants Dan are going home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Bye Bros!
  • Why do the guys really dislike Ben? I’m not seeing it…
  • Is Ben really the Tierra of this season???
  • “I pretty much just got my heart smashed with a hammer” -Brandon
  • Brandon, if you are reading this please go into therapy. You seem like a sweet dude, but I think you need some emotional help.
  • Previews:
  • Ohhhh even Bryden doesn’t like Ben, he must be bad.
  • OH NO BRYDEN IS GONNA BE A TATTLE TALE, I hope it doesn’t turn and bite him in the butt. :/