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The Bachelorette Episode 2: Right Reasons LOL


Heeeere we gooo!

  • Luscious Locks Brooks gets the first 1 on 1 date!
  • Des’s thing for this season is gonna be her sketching before every episode.
  • QT Drew is wearing a purple sweatshirt made out of towel material… uh…
  • Hot Dad Ben can’t pronounce “genuine”, awkward
  • Commercial
  • Is Des wearing a bumpit in her hair?
  • They’re trying wedding dresses and tuxes, kinda weird.
  • They have a date on the Hollywood sign?! in wedding clothes? So strange, for the first date.
  • They’re sitting on the “L” for Love.
  • First kiss of the season!
  • Commercial
  • Driving down a closed road… this is set up, duh!
  • How did they know who wanted red or white wine before they arrived? and are they going to drink it?
  • The generic sad bachelor music is on for Brooks’s sad story about his dad.
  • Back at the Man Mansion: many dudes getting a group date. The dudes are drinking red wine, classy.
  • Luscious Locks Brooks is here to stay.
  • Omg, he smiles when he’s nervous, I love it.
  • Here’s the first private concert of the season… & awkward dancing and singing along, they obviously didn’t drink enough of that wine.
  • “Can it get any better than this?” Um, yes Des, it can, we still have a whole season ahead of us!
  • Commercial
  • “Did somebody tell them to wear bright shirts? With nothing on them?” -My Mom
  • They are starring in their own rap videos! How awkward for all the white dudes.
  • Soulja Boy is there! “Love is a little bit like Hip Hop” If you say so!
  • Was that a shimmy?!
  • I love when guys need to learn dance moves.
  • Ben the FILF is up
  • Aw poor Bro Brandon is having such a hard time šŸ˜¦ Give him some pants!
  • How about Soulja Boy gets a rose and two guys go home tonight?
  • Commercial
  • Lets find out who is really here for the right reasons…
  • Shirtless Zak has crazy eyes… and a shirt on now.
  • Such an odd gift for someone you don’t know.
  • “When you see me smile, this is how I experience life” … wait, what?
  • “Love is like a butterfly” -Costa Mesa Bro Brandon
  • FILF Ben is being a HAWK.
  • “I got swooped” -Mikey T. hahaha!
  • Where does ABC get their blankets for these shows?!
  • FILF Ben goes for another swoop, this time a swoop for a kiss.
  • Costa Mesa Bro Brandon sees & gets bummed out. WAH WAH šŸ˜¦
  • Commercial
  • Michael G. wants women to be treated correctly! “Not on my watch”
  • “Realness is missing” -Mikey on FILF Ben
  • Manfrontation between Mikey and Ben! AH. Is Ben already the Tierra of this season?! Ben better talk about his sparkle when he goes home.
  • “I like your shoes, man” This is how dudes settle disputes.
  • DATE CARD back at the MANsion
  • Y SO SERIOUS Bryden gets the next date!
  • “She’s absolutely perfect, she’s an angel” – Bro Brandon
  • “I was born, I had a dad and a mom like you did” -Bro Brandon
  • SOB STORY TIME, Bro Brandon just wants to share errrrthang right off the bat. It kinda explains why he’s a bit strange though.
  • “I just want to love you” -Bro Brandon
  • Kinda shocked FILF Ben got the rose over Costa Mesa Bro Brandon.
  • Wait… everyone on the show has feelings for Ben according to him?
  • Commercial
  • Okay, the guys’ shirts/v-necks are really bugging my mom.
  • ROAD TRIIIIIIP! Spring Break! HOLLA!
  • “California embodies everything that I am” Oh okay, Des.
  • Bryden seems cool.
  • They’re in an orange grove… and now Ojai! Hippyville, EYO!
  • Commercial
  • Ojai OHAI šŸ˜‰
  • Bryden’s hair bugs me.
  • SOB STORY #3 Bryden got in a gnarly accident when he was in college, yikes!
  • He just has those pictures in his pocket?! From the accident?!!!!
  • Who had to light all these candles?
  • “It doesn’t seem like you open up easily” yet you had those pictures in your pocket…
  • More candles! I feel bad for the intern who had to light them all.
  • Hot tub time, awkward small talk, pre-kiss…AMIRIGHT?!
  • Kiss #3 of the night, you go Bryden.
  • Commercial
  • Another Rose Ceremony Another Sparkly Dress
  • Michael has type 1 diabetes and starts to tell Des about it but FILF Ben steals Des away, how lame!
  • FILF Ben the swooper
  • Mikey is pissed even though it didn’t happen to him (this time)
  • Commercial
  • WHOA Michael is manfronting Ben. Yikes!
  • “He chose the wrong person to lie to” -Michael
  • I can’t believe there is already bro drama, this early in the season.
  • Why is this dude carrying her? Whaaaat was this guy’s name :/
  • “The D word”… HAHA Divorce! That took me a minute.
  • (That was Brian)
  • Commercial
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Costa Mesa Bro Brandon gets the last rose
  • Will da Banker is going home, Robert the spinning sign entrepreneur is going home, and so is Nick M (…who?) Ā šŸ˜¦
  • Preview: More Ben drama coming up
  • This music video is waaaaay white.

2 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Episode 2: Right Reasons LOL

  1. My heart aches for Brandon. I was rooting for him from day 1. Hearing his story just made me feel so sad. He is a sweet, kind and handsome guy and deserves to have a great person who will love him forever. What a big heart he has and I know someone will win him after his appearance on the Bachelorette. There are millions who know you now, Brandon, a fellow Calofornian:)

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