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The Bachelor Episode 8: Hometown Visits, Army Generals, Brothers, and Fake Exes

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HOMETOWN DATEZ YA’LL! and probably 2 hours of AshLee saying “I love you” over an over again…


OH AND FYI Tierra is engaged in real life already, since January!


  • Starting with AshLee in Houston! 
  • “What if he says ‘You’re amazing, but you’re not the one'” … yeah I have a feeling that will happen, then you’ll be the next Bachelorette, but you’re boring so it will suck!
  • Picnic with tha’ pup.
  • AshLee has already said “love” like 15 times, too serious.
  • “I’m not gonna cry” -AshLee, yeah friggin right
  • All I hear when AshLee talks is “Blah blah blah LOVE blah blah TRUST blah blah MAN”


  • Commercial
  • “I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was 4 or 5 years old.” … So you knew you were going to go on a reality tv show to meet the possible love of your life? Okay.
  • AshLee’s Dad wants to know ERRRRTHANG.
  • OMG She’s crying again talking about the polar bear plunge, IT’S A METAPHOR, YO!


  • Mom and Sean chat time! “What are your intentions? Will you break her heart?” … YES, he will.
  • Dad and Sean time “Are you in love with my daughter?” “I’m … crazy about your daughter” NOT THE SAME THING
  • Sean just smiles his pearly whites through the tough questions.
  • Aw Dad is talking about when he adopted AshLee and how he loved her from the minute he saw her. AW! There should be an adoption reality show! HAHA.
  • “There’s no doubt I want to marry this man.” UGH. She loves referring to him as “man”
  • Commercial
  • Catherine’s Date now! Seattle, Washington! I want to go!
  • Catherine is so fun
  • “When I’m with Catherine I can see my wife” OOOH he didn’t say that with AshLee!


  • Catherine passed the blizzard test and Sean passes the fish catching test
  • Fun romance always beats out serious romance *cough cough* AshLee
  • Can’t wait for him to meet Lola the filipino grandma
  • Commercial


  • Waaait, this pushup thing has happened before!
  • What a cute family of women!
  • HAHA look at that apron!


  • The sisters feel they are being convinced to like him… uh oh
  • Sisters and Sean chat time!
  • The sisters are telling all, oh man, this is a little intense. Are they going to sabotage their relationship?


  • Mom and Sean chat time!
  • Momma doesn’t want to give her blessing… never given.
  • This family is very skeptical, but who wouldn’t be? It’s the first time you meet the significant other and he may or may not propose in a couple weeks, or one week? Who knows the timing this all plays out in.
  • “I want love with Sean” – Catherine
  • Best part was the Filipino grandma


  • Commercial
  • Lindsay and her 2 star general Dad date time!
  • “I want to see what Sean is like in the real world” 2 points for realizing the past dates weren’t real life minus 10 for forgetting you’re still on camera therefore NOT REAL WORLD.
  • “I can see us settling down and raising a family here” THERE?! UH NO, SEAN WON’T MOVE THERE.
  • HAHA how to address Lindsay’s Dad.
  • Time to get army ready… What is this? An army/love boot camp run by Lindsay? This is definitely not real life.


  • “That was weird” -Sean … yeah it was!
  • Commercial
  • Sean wore a purple sweater to meet a 2 star general. HAHA!
  • “Hopefully he sees I am a man” -Sean
  • Her parents didn’t know she came out of the limo in a wedding dress on the first night!
  • Sean and Mom chat time!
  • “Things are happening” -Lindsay’s mom, haha awkward
  • Mom likes Sean, you can totally tell.
  • No one wants to see their daughter get hurt… obviously.
  • Dad isn’t ready to give his blessing for marriage, SO SERIOUS! BUUUUT he gives his blessing anyways. How awkward if she isn’t the winner/the one.


  • “I would be honored to be a part of their family” -Sean, hmmm that’s a good sign!
  • Army tag gift, nice!
  • This seems like the most normal family meeting so far.
  • Commercial
  • Des’s hometown date! in LA, HOLLA!
  • She’s excited to see him!


  • “I can see her being my wife”  -Sean, so he’s only said this about Catherine and Des now.
  • She made all of the artwork in the house? Interesting.
  • Knock on the door… who is this?! She looks so uncomfortable!
  • “Des I love you” -random dude … UH OH! & they were together for 2 years?
  • “Now that he’s here, I do have to tell you something” – Des… wutwutwut! HEEERE IT COMES! jk commercial time 😦
  • Commercial
  • Whaaaaat? It was a prank? HAHA, because he pranked her on the first date!


  • I feel used, I fell for it.
  • So Mom and Dad like Sean and Des together… but time for the brother! DUN DUN DUN
  • Is this not going to be as bad as they made it out to be? I am going to be duped by the edits of the previews again?
  • Commercial
  • Bro and Sean 1 on 1 chat…
  • Brother doesn’t approve, he thinks he’s just a “playboy” uh oh, Sean’s not down.


  • How awkward.
  • “It’s impossible not to picture myself in this family with this brother” -Sean
  • UH OH. I would be pissed if he was my brother!
  • Commercial
  • LOL @ Sean putting his belt on before his rose ceremony!


  • “I have no idea what I want to do, I have no clarity” Can’t he just marry them all!? Sister wives, Bachelor edition?


  • Narrowed down to Catherine and Des! OH NO!
  • Both girls had a little (or a lot) of tension on the family dates.
  • WHOA before the first rose is handed out Des asked to talk to Sean…
  • DOUBLE WHOA before the last rose Sean walks out of the room to rethink! YIKES.
  • “My advice: GET THIS RIGHT and take your time” -Chris Harrison, love genius. HAHA


  • Commercial
  • Do they water down the driveway to the mansion before every rose ceremony?
  • “Who will I miss the most?” -Sean, good question.


(It’s really hard to choose a girl to send home when they are wearing Christmas colors in their photos)

  • CATHERINE GETS THE LAST ROSE. I bet Des is pissed at her brother!
  • Well obviously you think it’s a mistake, doesn’t everyone getting dumped feel that way?


  • Sean is speechless. AWKWARD.
  • Well since she lives in LA the limo can drive her straight back to her house.
  • “All I want to do is make someone happy” -Des… No other aspirations, pathetic.
  • Bye “Desiree call me Des”
  • Next week: Everyone loves Sean & Sean breaks another heart.

See you next week in Thailand!


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