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The Bachelor Episode 7: “I’m falling in love with you” and the moment everyone has been waiting for

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Sorry this is late, but here it is!


  • From this preview this is gonna be an episode FULL of tears!
  • Sea plane! to Saint Croix (Did I spell that right?)
  • Is Sean part of the welcome crew? “WELCOME TO ST. CROIX” the land of virgins, or born-again virgins, or is it just the Virgin Islands?
  • AshLee wants a 1 on 1… Why did they put her in the sun, she is squinting real bad.
  • Tierra got her own pull away bed?! HAHA “I don’t like girls that like my boyfriend” She has said this before.
  • “The cougars back in town” -Tierra … OHNOSHEISN’T she’s hating on AshLee for being 32.
  • OH I didn’t know two girls are going home this week. DUN DUN DUN.
  • OOOH swimming out to their private catamaran.
  • You can tell AshLee is head over heels for Sean. She is way too serious.
  • “I want to roll away her roll away into the freakin ocean” – Lesley HAHA
  • So Sean asks about the drama in the house and then AshLee vents it ALLLLL. UH OH.
  • He believes her! WOW, didn’t see that one coming.
  • I think AshLee is going to be the next Bachelorette.
  • You hear her say all these great things about him, but he hasn’t said much.
  • Commercial
  • OMG Tierra gets the 1 on 1 and she’s complaining about bugs her make-up dripping off and being sweaty?!
  • AshLee thats a GIANT wine glass! DAYUM!
  • AshLee’s got a secret to tell, EYO, I’m excited. I hope she says she used to be a man. She’s so pretty that would be incredible, but I’m guessing she was married before?
  • “So you were a married high school junior?” -Sean HAHAHA
  • Is this really a big deal? It was 15 years ago!
  • HE STILL LIKES HER, didn’t see that one coming *sarcasm*
  • The cliche yelling alone into the darkness. WEIRD.


  • OH NO, she said she loves him. She yelled she loves him.


  • “I could easily fall in love with AshLee” … but he isn’t yet and didn’t say “I love you” back.
  • Commercial
  • Here comes Tierra’s first 1 on 1 date!
  • They are shopping together, derp.
  • A parade starts happening, sure, just out of the blue.


  • Of course Tierra is being fun and cute the entire date.


  • Question time… INTERROGATE HER, SEAN!
  • She is so delusional, the other girls have been pissed off since the first rose?! UM what?
  • Commercial
  • “This is our sugar mill” OH OKAY
  • I like her blue necklace!


  • DATE CARD BACK AT THE HIZZZOUSE. Catherine, Lindsay, and Des get a group date.
  • Gosh Tierra is so annoying.
  • “I’m falling in love with you” ALL DA BITCHES BE SAYING THIS.
  • Commercial
  • 4:42AM?! Sean waking up the ladies?
  • Is he really taking their photos with out makeup on? HAHA
  • Catherine’s photo is hilarious


  • First people in America to see the sunrise! Fun, if you’re into that.


  • Is that the same sugar mill he was at with Tierra? Sketchy
  • What were those fruit stars in their drinks?! COOL!


  • Tree house?! Pretty cool.
  • How awkward watching Sean just hanging out with just one girl and waiting for your turn.


  • Who will get the rose on this date?
  • Sean sitting on Catherine’s shoulders in the water, hahaha!


  • Sean is always bringing up how crazy Wedding Dress Lindsay was the first night!
  • Catherine explains why her dad won’t be there if Sean goes to her hometown date. Suicidal, depression dad. WOMP WOMP 😥
  • Tear jerkers get roses… we shall see.
  • OMG Tierra hears AshLee and Lesley talking!
  • Des is crying talking about her family, CHEESY!


  • “I do want to settle down, and to have everything that they had” -Des (or also on this week’s Girls HBO episode)
  • Wedding Dress Lindsay got the rose! Guaranteed hometown date yo!
  • Commercial
  • “Our relationship is not where it needs to be at this point” -Sean on Lesley
  • Fruit picking and chatting!


  • “I do want to tell him I’m falling in love with him” … this is the 3rd time I’ve heard this on this episode!
  • Sean looks super freckly this episode.
  • OH “It didn’t feel right to tell him today”
  • This date is awkward
  • “I like how you smile with your eyes at me” -Lesley, sounding like Tyra Banks
  • Sean’s sister is in town!
  • “I can see myself being possibly married to any of them” -Sean
  • Tierra confronts AshLee and her eyebrows are off the charts.


  • “I’m a 24 year old woman and you’re 32!” Uhhh okay.
  • “Men love me!” -Tierra, OH OKAY, Tierra.
  • Tierra is psycho.
  • “I CAN’T CONTROL MY EYEBROW!” -Tierra, best line of the season!


  • Commercial
  • Tierra is crying when Sean shows up to bring him to meet his sister.


  • I wonder what Tierra is thinking re-watching these episodes.
  • So many tears have come out of this bitch this season
  • Is Sean’s face red? Sun burn?
  • Is Sean’s sister going to inspire him to send her home?!!?
  • Commercial
  • “I’m crazy about you…BUT… it may be best for you to go home now.” Does that mean go home for good, or until the hometown date? I’m confused. Who says they are crazy about someone then sends them home?
  • “Do you want to say goodbye to the girls?” “No” HAHAHA of course not
  • “This is the best walk of shame ever” – My Dad


  • Is she really blaming the other girls?!


  • He better not bring her back… why are there previews of other girls crying
  • Commercial
  • “So she’s older than he is? She’s going home” – My Dad on AshLee
  • There’s cocktail party?! YIKES
  • AshLee tries to explain herself to the other girls.
  • This music is way too dramatic
  • Of course Des gets a rose, that thing with her boyfriend or some dude still has to happen.
  • Okay so its down to AshLee and Lesley… who is going to get a rose.
  • AshLee is WAY TOO SERIOUS ABOUT ALL DIS! It’s scaring me.


  • Whoa, Catherine is freaking out.



(Later on Twitter)

  • Next week previews: OH so Des’s brother freaks out on Sean? and Catherine’s sisters don’t like him?! WHAT WILL HAPPEN. These episodes are getting more boring each week.

See you next week! Sorry this is a late post!


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